b. June 1995 in Arad, Romania

2017  Galeria Plan B, Berlin, Germania
MA at University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Fine Arts – Painting
Conf. PhD.Marius Bercea
University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca , Faculty of Fine Arts –Painting
Prof. PhD. Ioan Aurel Mureșan
Ecole Superieure des Arts Saint-Luc Liege

„NAG” White Galleries Night, Arad, Romania 2016
European project „ERASMUS +” 2015-2016
European project Comenius „Theatre in european schools” 2006-2009

THE SPACE, Artsafari Bucharest, 2017
„With | Out Guidelines” Launloc  Cluj-Napoca, 2017
„DIY” Cultural space „Gara Mica” Cluj-Napoca, 2016
„Expo Maraton Recall” Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca, 2016
„89++ 1”   non+ULTRA Gallery, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, 2016
„IN-SITU” Saint-Luc, Liege, Belgium, 2016
„GLISSEMENT ” Centre Culturel de Chenee Liege, Belgium, 2015
„Juventus-Power seduces the soul” CityBusiness Centre Timisoara, 2014
„International Biennial of Small Graphics” II edition, National Gallery of Art „Delta” Arad, 2014
„Night of Museums”  collective painting exhibition, Clio Gallery Arad, 2014

„Inthroughout” Expo Maraton , Casa Matei Gallery Cluj-Napoca, 2015
„Contrasts” Museum Complex Arad , Clio Gallery, 2014

Cluj-Napoca 2015 Expo Maraton Jury prize

„Ascension” artificial stone-granite, 300x50x50 cm, Arts Highschool  „Sabin Dragoi” Arad 2014

Plan B Galeria, Berlin, Germany 2017

„Matei Pacurar was born in Arad Romania, on June the 15th 1995 and he is a young artist who lives and studies in Cluj-Napoca Romania. The artist is aware of the proper artistic background, especially of painting, and has a certain energy of his age. He works with a large variety of different materials and surroundings such as painting on canvas, objects, installations.

The „indefinite” figurative brings out and emphasizes new and significant elements: geometry as a rational element that balances the open and tridimensional modernity and the closed space.

The geometrical skeleton-like and rigid structures or the oneiric feeble rings as well as the colour dressing, create a complex communication between the compositional method and the thematic interpretation, between the pictorial meaning and the expressive language full of allusions and assotiations which can be barely decoded.

In these works, the space has to work in contrast with the pictorial area when it comes to the relationship with the basis in different aspects: finished-outlined or fresh-compact soil.

The pictorial transparent gesture, fermly created, lives together with a highly pigment saturated surface. The artist is constantly changing and he tries to reach an honest and actual metaphysical result.

In this very moment MP works with his own diary, which doesn’t exist physically but the artist tries to block all his experiences, the extasy,the agony, the suffering of his own mental diary.

After a decisive period of depression, he starts to draw out and tear the pages from his own sketch-notebook where he piled up his feelings, experiences, love, hate and artistically transposed them into big sized works. Matei has chosen an autobiographical theme through which he can sincerely express about himself and about the world.

Matei Pacurar graduated the bachelor’s level studies at UAD Cluj-Napoca and now he is doing his master’s level studies in painting.”